Is my patient information private and secure?

Yes, your Personal Health Information is strictly private and secure

As we only provide care outside normal opening hours, we do not hold active patient health records as defined in the Standards. We will retain for each patient that Doctor To You sees outside normal opening hours some basic health records. Our patient health records include patient identification; contact and demographic information including:

• the patient’s full name
• date of birth
• gender (as stated by the patient)
• phone number(s)
• address
• medical history (where known)
• consultation notes (for care outside normal opening hours and home visits)
• letters received from hospitals or consultants
• other clinical correspondence, investigations or referrals, and results

This information is still considered health information and as such it must be protected under the Privacy Act (1988) – viewable at . All patient information must be considered private and confidential and we do not disclose individual patient’s records either verbally, in writing, in electronic form unless directed by the patient, their regular General Practitioner or regulatory body. Doctors, allied health practitioners and all other staff and contractors associated with Doctor To You have a responsibility to maintain the privacy of personal health information and related financial information.


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