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Doctor To You, (DTY) launching a new model in time for the 30th of June changeover from Medicare Locals to the Primary Health Networks. This innovative business is turning the conventional MDS model on its head.  Nicky Jardine is a great supporter of this new model and says “ General Practice finally has one reform they have been asking for. The after-hours incentive payments will now be channeled to the general practice rather than being handled through Medicare Locals.

This is a perfect time to look at your practice to see how you are handling after hours patients and whether your patients know about your after-hours services.

Doctor To You is an accredited Medical Deputising Service with one big difference – you do not pay for their services and they also help you grow your business!  For those other practices that have more than enough patients, Doctor To You sees your patients on your behalf and directs them back to your practice. This means your patients do not have to rely on another practice or wait hours at the local Emergency Department. The other great feature of this DTY service, they pay you $250 every time you refer 50 patients.*

The Difference

Q: How much does it cost to Deputise through DTY?

A: Nothing, Doctor To You currently charge NO annual fee to Practices.

Q: Can our Doctors & Nurses book patients during the day?

A: Yes our Control Centre is open 24/7, Doctors are encouraged to book regular patients for an after-hours visit should they be concerned or require a dressing change or vitals checked.

Q: How easy is it to change to Doctor To You?

A: All that is required is a service agreement between DTY and the Practice, a willingness to work with us to improve your patient retention and grow your business within your community.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Simply follow this link, register your interest and a friendly member of the Business Relations team will be in touch with you 



* Practices must enter into a Service Agreement and agree to the protocols of the service model.  DTY reserves the right to change, amend, alter or delete from their model the terms described herein.


Most of the practices “Nicky Jardine (NJHTC)” consults with have an agreement in place with a medical deputising agency. With some of the larger centres this can mean that the practice is paying sometimes hundreds of dollars per month for this service. Most practices only receive about $1000 per quarter from Medicare Local to help pay for this service and this in no way covers the fees payable to a deputing service – until now !

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