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3 Tips On Beating Those Allergies

Friday, October 16, 2015


Spring is here and for some it's time to head outside and stock up on those allergy medications

Take a look at our top 3  tips on how you can beat that stuffy nose and those watery eyes this season

#1 Early Treatment 
Spring pollen starts much earlier than people think, so if you usually take allergy medications to relieve your symptoms start taking them early. If you feel the medications aren't work as well as they used to or your symptoms are worse this year, speak to your doctor about changing your usual go-to medication.

#2 Kick of clothes after you get home
If you've spent the day outdoors, don't drag those allergens back through your home. Take your shoes of at the door, put your clothes straight into the wash and put on a fresh outfit.

#3 Keep windows and door closed
Keeping your windows and doors closed will ensure those pollen particles don't float into your home or car. Remember, pollen particles are tiny and only closing your shutter wont stop them from getting in to your safe zone.

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