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5 Lies We Tell Our Doctor But Shouldn't

Friday, February 19, 2016

According to a US study one in four of us have admitted to telling our doctor ‘white lies’. Embarrassment or fear of being judged were among the top reasons for not telling the doctor the whole truth about our health issues but could this be detrimental to our health?

Doctors warn that lying and omitting important facts could potentially lead to poor treatment, inaccurate diagnosis and wrong medication and as Dr Ronald McCoy, of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners says “A doctor is like a colleague or confidant, not a parent you’re trying to hide something from.”

Here are 5 common lies that we shouldn’t be telling our doctors.

“I quit smoking”

10% of smokers admitted to lying to their GP about smoking. Lying to your doctors about smoking not only prevents your doctor from recommending a plan to help you beat the habit but it could also interfere with your treatment. Smoking can cause various problems that could mean treatment may need to be changed for the best results.

Smoking also increases the risk of various other health problems including stroke, lung cancer and heart disease. So whether its occasional or everyday day, tell your doctor.

“I’m physically active”

It is important to let your doctor know if you have let your exercise regime slip as your doctor can recommend activities that you could incorporate into your daily routine. Physical activity is one of the most important parts of staying healthy, just saying you exercise doesn't improve your health, you need to physically do it.

An appointment with your GP is the perfect time to discuss what will work for you based on your current situation.

“I rarely drink”

There a good reasons why your doctor will ask how often you drink and it’s not to judge you. Drinking often means you are susceptible to various health problems that could be avoided and drinking could be part of the reason you are at the doctor in the first place!

Ensure your healthcare provider knows just how much your are drinking from the beginning so they can advise appropriate treatment.

“I don’t have any sexual problems and I never have unprotected sex”

Your sexual health may not be something you are comfortable talking about however, your doctor is  actually the best person to discuss this with. Sexually Transmitted Infections could cause longer term issues if not addressed straight away and are almost always treatable.

Your GP can also determine the potential cause of any sexual problems you are experiencing, prescribe medication and come up with a solution to fix it.

“I eat a healthy and balanced diet”

As well as exercise eating the right foods can have a huge impact on your health and well being. When you lie about your eating habits you only make it harder for your doctor to determine what’s wrong with you and in most cases the doctor will know if you're fibbing anyway.

Remember, doctors aren't concerned about your habits or behaviour they are foremost concerned about your health.

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