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6 Ways To Reduce Stress This Christmas

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Just the thought of Christmas can make us tired and stressed not to mention the cost and frustrating shopping experiences. It’s suppose to be a joyful occasion, but for many the lead up to Christmas is one of the most stressful times of year. 

Here are 6 ways you can help to reduce the stresses of ‘the silly season’

Make a list
Prepare early, make two lists, one for all the tasks you need to complete before the big day and another list for gifts and food that needs to be bought.

Lists will allow you to plan your days ahead and prioritise. You will able to cross off your items as you go ensuring things are not forgotten and will mean you’re less likely to have to dash out last minute.

Take some downtime

Slow down! Take a break from the Christmas hustle and bustle and have some time to yourself. Activities such as meditation and yoga will make you feel good as well as allow you to de-stress.

It’s also a good idea to decide when you will stop your Christmas preparation and begin to relax and enjoy the holiday, after all it is your holiday too. 

Say ‘No’ 
If you’ve been invited to a Christmas event that you don’t particularly want to attend or are going to struggle to fit in your busy Christmas schedule, say ‘no’. No one has to know what your commitment is but keep your reason short and sweet.

Shop online
If it’s facing the busy crowds at the shopping centre that stresses you out, try shopping online. You can browse multiple shops all whilst sitting in your own home and can even save some money! Even food shopping can be done online but be sure to check that the retailer can deliver before the big day.

Share the responsibility 
Hosting a christmas party can be stressful, don’t let the whole event rest on your shoulders and cause you to worry. Share the responsibility. If it’s Christmas dinner ask your guests to all bring a plate and arrange a plan B should anything go wrong.

Plan ahead for next Christmas
Start shopping early for next year, items such as Christmas decorations and gift wrap will be reduced and will save you time and money next year. Many shops will begin sales after Christmas and you might be able to pick up Christmas gifts and stocking fillers for next year, just remember where you hide them!

If you feel as though the stress is affecting your health, speak to a GP. If your regular doctor is unavailable over christmas our after hours home visit doctors can help and the consult will be fully bulk billed for Medicare and DVA cardholders. Call 1300 30 38 34 or book a home doctor online.