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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

It’s no secret that physical activity, including exercise, is good for you.

If you are already active then don’t stop. If you don’t exercise then there is no better time than starting now.

There are advantages for practically everybody who engages in regular physical activity. Interestingly, benefits nearly always include improvements in mental, as well as physical health.

Independence in later life can be achieved by continuing to be physically active throughout your lifetime as regular exercise produces long-term health benefits.

The risk of developing age-related disabilities and illnesses can be significantly reduced by remaining physically active.

This is why many doctors and health experts advise people of all ages to do some type of exercise everyday to maintain their health.

For a number of cases, exercise has shown to be an effective preventative and treatment of chronic conditions.

Research has revealed that those suffering with diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease can benefit significantly from prescribed exercise.

Related issues such as high blood pressure, difficulty walking or balance problems can also be improved with a suitable program.

The good news is that there are many different ways to ensure you get enough physical activity. You can decide to be active in short bouts during your day, or you can plan particular days of the week to follow a specific exercise program.

Physical activities like gardening, housework, taking the dog for a walk or walking to work are things that get you moving but don’t require any special equipment or knowledge and can be done spontaneously. Exercise itself is usually structured and repetitive such as doing an aerobics class or weight training session.

The bottom line? With so many choices when it comes to moving, identify something you enjoy, do it regularly and try to increase the level of activity over time.

Remember – any exercise is better than doing none.

Dave Hagger owns and operates a Brisbane home visit exercise physiology business, Dave Hagger Exercise Physiology, providing services for private and Medicare eligible patients.