What does a bulk billed doctor service mean?

Bulk Billing is a payment option under the Medicare system of the universal health insurance of Australia. It means that your health professional, doctor, GP, home doctor, optometrist etc accepts the Medicare benefit as full payment for the service you're provided with. A wide range of health and allied services are able to be bulk billed in Australia.

You are eligible to use our bulk billed home doctor service if you are a pensioner, hold a Medicare, DVA card or other Healthcare card

How do I get a Medicare or Healthcare card?

There a number of Healthcare cards that allow you to visit a doctor who bulk bills. You're eligible for a Medicare card if you reside in Australia and:

  • hold Australian citizenship

  • hold documented New Zealand citizenship

  • have been issued with a permanent visa

  • have:

    • applied for a permanent visa, excluding an application for a parent visa

    • permission to work in Australia or

    • can prove a relationship to an Australian citizen or permanent resident

  • are from a country that has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia are also eligible for medically necessary treatment.

Other healthcare cards are also available for Foster carers, ex-carer allowance and low income earners and you will automatically be issued one to receive bulk billed services if you are residing in Australia and you get:

  • Newstart Allowance

  • Sickness Allowance

  • Youth Allowance as a job seeker

  • Partner Allowance

  • Parenting payment partnered

  • Widow Allowance

  • Special Benefit

  • Career Payment for short-term or episodic care under 6 months

  • The maximum rate of Family Tax Benefit Part A

  • Mobility Allowance if you are not receiving Disability support pension or

  • Carer Allowance caring for a child under 16 years The Health Care Card is for the child in your care only

  • Farm household Allowance

To find out more about bulk billing and healthcare cards visit: http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/medicare/medicare-bulk-billing

Doctor To You is a fully bulk billed home doctor service and evidence of a Medicare, DVA or other health care card will need to be provided at the time of visit to ensure the visit is free of charge to you.