Practices and Clinics

After hours patient care with the utmost care and concern for your practice and your patients

Our after hours home visits are bulk billed, requiring no out-of-pocket payment for patients registered with Medicare or holding a Department of Veterans Affairs goldcard*

Our call centre is operational from 4pm on weekdays, after 10am on Saturdays and 24 hours on Sundays and Public Holidays with home visits from caring and highly qualified doctors available from 6pm on weeknights, from 12pm on Saturday and all day on Sunday and public holidays.

Ongoing Support & Exceptional Service

Clinical reports are sent via secure message daily, and monthly service reports are also provided. A dedicated Partner Relations Associate for your clinic ensures we’re working with your practice to deliver exceptional service and care to your patients.

To assist in the communication of your after hours services to your patients, you will receive a Welcome Pack containing patient brochures, stickers, signage and supporting material following approval of your registration

24 Hour Care & Patient Retention

Using an MDS for after hours patient care means you can trust that your patients’ health is being cared for, while you and your associates enjoy uninterrupted recreation time with family and friends. With 24 hour access to care, your patients are less likely to seek assistance through a competing medical centre.

Continuity of Care

We refer patients back to their regular doctor for follow up care (where clinically appropriate) and provide electronic patient reports back to the practice the next working day to ensure continuity of care.

Robust Systems and Compliance

Industry leading protocols, processes and systems improve patient wait times, ensure doctors have a rewarding professional experience, and our interaction with daytime practices is efficient.

Talent Attraction

Having reliable after hours coverage attracts recently graduated doctors

*Patients not registered with Medicare or that hold a DVA Goldcard are required to pay by cash, MasterCard or Visa at the conclusion of each consultation.