Telehealth - Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

 What is a video consultation?
A consultation conducted using online video conferencing technology between you and a GP or other allied health professional at a distant location.

What are the advantages of video consultations?
Every patient’s situation is different but in general the benefits of this service are:

• better access to medical care
• reduced waiting time to see a doctor
• reduced travel time and costs
• reduced absence from work.



Where are the video consultations provided?
You can participate in a video consultation using any online device (laptop, desk top, smart phone or tablet) which has 3G internet connectivity and a camera. You can participate in the video consult anywhere you feel comfortable, whether it be in your living room, bedroom or even outside. Please ensure that where ever you are, it is quiet and well lit, preference is for light to be on your face.

Who will arrange the video consultation?
Our control centre will speak to you and provide you with a link via your phone or email to speak to a doctor. It is as easy as clicking a button on your device.

Are your doctors in Australia?
Yes, all doctors and allied health professionals are in Australia and are fully qualified.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?
We understand that your situation may change and that your appointments needs to be rescheduled. At the time of consultation your credit card fee will be taken. We are happy to reschedule, at another time.   

How should I prepare for a video consultation appointment?
You can help get the best from a video consultation by following these simple steps:
  • be prepared at least 15 minutes early
  • as this is a face to face video conference, please wear something you would normally wear to the doctor's clinic 
  • switch off your mobile or to silent mode, and switch of televisions, radios and other appliances in the background
  • speak clearly so your voice can be picked up by the microphone
  • look at the camera so you can achieve good eye contact with the doctor
  • If you have children or animals, please have somebody mind them during the consult to reduce noise interference in the microphone

What happens at the video consultation appointment?
You and the doctor will be talking as normal through your phone or computer video technology
At the start of the consultation everyone will introduce themselves and you will be able to speak to the doctor about anything that concerns you. 
You will be asked some identifying questions such as your name, and date of birth to make sure the right patient, right doctors and right health records are present. 

Who will be present?
Please note that one patient only is entitled to participate in a consultation with the doctor.  Should you wish to include another party present their details need to be identified to the doctor.
If a second person requires a consultation, a separate booking must be made and logged in our system. Please let our control centre know at the time of booking.   

How private is the video consultation?
The same privacy and confidentiality requirements that apply to face-to-face consultations apply to video consultations.

What if I need to be examined?
The doctor will be able to instruct you to describe your physical symptoms in addition, high definition cameras allow for good quality visuals for the doctor.  
Should the doctor believe a physical examination is required with a regular GP or specialist, then the doctor will refer.

What if I have special needs?
If you have special needs such as an interpreter, we are able to provide you with links to assist you. Should you have trouble communicating with the doctor, an additional support person can be added to the video conference. Please let our control centre at the time of booking. 

Will the video consultation be recorded?
No, we do not record video consultations. Unless the patient or the doctor would like the consultation to be sent to their regular GP or specialist. Images and notes can be forwarded by email. We would seek your
written permission to do so.

What if I feel I can’t continue?
Some patients may feel a little nervous when speaking to a new doctor, however, given the consult is in the comfort of your own home, it potentially is a more relaxed setting than attending a clinic.

How much will it cost? How can I pay?
Consults can be booked All day (for up to 20mins/session)- $69
Once your appointment is confirmed our control centre will send you a link with all instructions and an online payable invoice, you can pay by credit card or with paypal. 

Am I eligible for a Medicare rebate?
Doctors and allied health practitioner telehealth consults are privately billed and do not attract a Medicare rebate unless you are accompanied by a specialist during the consult. Medicare rebates are applicable to some allied health practitioners, it is best to check with your private health insurance.

How can I provide feedback on my video consultation?
We welcome your feedback so we can continue to improve our video consultation services. Our staff will be able to provide you with a feedback form you permit us to share with other doctors, but only after being de-identified in order to preserve your privacy.

What if I have questions?
If you have any general questions about how your video consultations will work, please talk to our control centre.