About Telehealth Video Conferencing

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Telehealth Video Conferencing provides fast, efficient access to a doctor or allied health professional, saving patients time and money, especially those unable to visit a clinic. The benefits of Telehealth Video Conferencing include: 

  • Face to face consultation with a Qualified doctor or allied health professional 
  • Allocation of a defined booking time, no long waits in clinics or after hours home visits
  • Consultations and advice, prescriptions, referrals to specialists and medical certificates
  • Regional outreach

Doctor To You provides a 24/7 365 day operational Medical Triaged Control Centre as part of our GPA accreditation. Patients in rural and remote areas of Australia now have access to qualified medical and allied health professionals (psychologists, diabetes educators, nurses, exercise physiologists, around the clock with the help of technology. 

Using the Telehealth system, Telehealth Doctor To You is providing people with a face to face consultation with a GP, specialist or allied health practitioner where required at a fraction of the cost of travel from the patient’s town to a major city.  
Patients in these areas in the most want to speak (face to face telehealth consult) to a GP doctor to alleviate their anxiety at the time when unable to see their regular GP. This provides patients with an immediate response to their health concerns, and if required provides then with a referral to be seen by a specialist, again face to face.

Whilst the patient may want and need to see a specialist in time the fact is that in the first instance it not be necessary. A regular GP is the only health professional that can provide them with that initial diagnosis and only then would there be a need to refer onto the specialist.Saving patients time and money is definitely an added advantage as seeing a specialist via Telehealth conferencing can provide the patient with easier access to specialist care; reduce the waiting time to see a specialist; and reduce the often huge costs of travel, accommodation, absence from work.

Doctor To You is medical service company that has been providing home visits to metro and regional areas across Australia. We coordinate and dispatch doctors across many regions using our own GPS tracked software. However in our normal service we experience over 50% of our calls coming from locations where we are unable to service the patient with a home visit due to their location. These statistics have driven us to integrate Telehealth conferencing into our existing medical service model. Many of our current doctors are happy to provide this additional service. This also allows for some retired or female GPs with children to participate in a casual roster.

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