10 Foods and Drinks That Make Dentists Wary

10 Foods and Drinks That Make Dentists Wary

Oral hygiene is equally important as your general health. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your teeth and gums are in perfect shape all the time. This is achieved by having regular dental visits. There are excellent dental clinics that you can seek their services. Health reports show that tooth decay and other dental hygiene-related conditions are among the most common health problems. Ideally, good dental health is not only linked to oral hygiene but also the food you take. It is, therefore, necessary to be aware of what you get into your mouth. Since you might not know the foods that damage your teeth, this article mentions the top ten foods and drinks dentists insist on keeping away from.


You might argue that ice is just water, so it does not harm your teeth. This is not true since ice is water in its frozen form. When chewing a hard substance, you are likely to damage your enamel and risk having broken teeth and loosened crowns. Instead of chewing the ice, you can use it to chill your beverage or drink cold water instead.

Potato chips

Potato chips are a favorite snack for many people because of their crunchiness and varying flavors that entice diverse individuals. Unfortunately, when chewed, they turn to soft particles that can fit in the tiniest cavity in and between the teeth, posing a dental hazard. They are highly rich in starch while broken down to sugar, leading to plaque build-up. Additionally, the potato chips produce acid, which stays in the teeth for a while, hastening plaque accumulation. However, since it can be quite impossible to entirely not eat potato chips, it would be best if you reduce your intake, and in case you eat them, you should floss immediately to remove any of the trapped particles.

Dried fruits

You are probably aware that fruits are good for your general health, but the same is not true for dried fruits. In dried fruits such as figs, prunes, and raisins, the moisture is removed, giving a sticky product concentrated with sugar and a lot of fiber. When eaten, they cling to the teeth and their crevices, predisposing you to dental health problems. In case you take them, you need to either floss or brush your teeth immediately,

Diet soft drinks

You might have noticed the introduction of diet soft drinks into the market. These drinks are characterized for being sugar-free hence convincing many to take them since you will not be at risk of having dental cavities. However, not all the risk factors were handled since the diet soft drinks have high acid levels. This acid erodes the enamel hence exposing the inner teeth. Since the teeth are susceptible because of the nerve cells, you are likely to experience a lot of pain.

Additionally, soft drinks dry your mouth, giving bacteria optimal conditions for growth, hence causing dental cavities. Also, dark or coloured soft drinks can cause discolouration of your teeth. In this case, you should not brush your teeth after taking the drink. This is because the enamel is already soft from the acid you have just consumed; hence brushing will hasten the erosion of your enamel. Instead, it would help if you avoided soft drinks by all means.


Besides alcohol being bad for your liver and general wellness, it is also bad for your dental health. Alcohol is known for having a dehydrating effect on the body; therefore, it dries inside the mouth, leaving you with less saliva. Saliva is vital for oral health as it prevents food from sticking to the teeth and washes away the trapped food particles. Therefore, without this, you are at risk of having tooth decay.


Regular popcorn has no dental effect except for the one coated with sugar. Inevitably, the popcorns will get stuck in your teeth, leading to cavities. Also, corn on the cob can be dangerous to your teeth. When biting it, be cautious as a lot of pressure might damage the crowns of your teeth.

Low-fat yoghurt

The low-fat content in yoghurt is often substituted with sugar to make it tasty. The high sugar content can be disastrous to the teeth. Therefore, when looking for yoghurt, you should opt for natural ones.

Muesli bars

You might think that it is healthy to eat muesli bars because of the grains, nuts, and oats. This is not true as they are bound together with sugars, making them sticky on your teeth, resultantly causing tooth decay.


To have good dental health, you need to be cautious about the food you take. You should avoid foods that are high in sugar and acid. Sticky foods should also be avoided. In case you have to eat such foods, ensure to brush your teeth or floss them immediately.