Ageing Gracefully: 10 Of The Most Important Factors

Ageing Gracefully: 10 Of The Most Important Factors

As much as we all desire otherwise, ageing is inevitable. After all, we can’t control time. We can, however, adapt to our growing selves gracefully. 

Ageing gracefully does not mean catering only to the outward signs of age but it also involves paying attention to what makes you feel best, both physically and mentally. 

Curious to know more? Here are ten of the most important factors to consider to age gracefully.

Maintaining Your Physical Health

Most people obsess about the aesthetic aspects of ageing. They aspire towards perfect skin and luscious hair. But looking younger is meaningless unless you can live life how you want. Here are six tips on keeping your body physically fit, so you can keep doing the things you love!

1. Stay Active 

Numerous studies have linked an active lifestyle to a decreased risk of illness, improved strength and flexibility, and a longer life expectancy. 

Guidelines issued by experts recommend 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise per week for adults over 65. So, for the sake of your heart, skin, and bones, hit the gym and work up a sweat, regardless of your age!

You can also stay active in other parts of your daily life. For instance, walking to get groceries or cleaning your house are daily household chores that keep your body and mind busy.

2. Eat A Nutritious Diet

You are what you eat. No other saying is more scientifically accurate than this one. Eating well prevents various diseases and keeps existing ones from worsening. 

In addition, staying away from processed, high-sodium, and fat-dense food becomes especially important in the later years when your body requires a more nourishing diet to maintain bone and cardiovascular health.

But what exactly is a nutritious diet? There isn’t a perfect answer. Several factors, including your age, overall health condition, and any medications you may be taking, decide what you should eat. 

So asking a doctor or nutritionist can help you make a dietary plan suited to your needs. Meanwhile, here are 15 healthy recipes that are delicious to help you get started on your journey towards ageing gracefully.

3. Visit The Doctor Regularly

Visiting the doctor at recommended intervals can help you prevent potential health problems before they take root. Early detection gives you the best options for treatment, ensuring that you remain your fittest version even as you step into your later years.

4.  Get Enough Sleep

When you sleep, your body rests, heals, and prepares itself for the conscious part of the day. Quality sleep not only helps you avoid the visible signs of ageing, such as the dreaded dark circles and wrinkled skin, but also prevents depression, obesity, and chronic illness. Here are 9 ways to improve how you sleep at night.

5.  Quit Smoking And Alcohol 

If the already widespread evidence regarding liver and lung damage due to heavy drinking and smoking doesn’t scare you, its devastating impact on how you look might. New research has confirmed that the two habits prematurely lead to eye rings, wrinkles, and baldness. So, to look good as you age, you must say no to these vices at the earliest.

6. Become A Resident Of A Retirement Village

Getting the help you need to be physically and mentally active may be easier if you become a part of a community designed to suit your needs. 

Retirement villages — which are popular among older Australians — are housing developments that incorporate facilities and services suited to older people in their accommodation options. These include recreation centres, gyms, theatres, and 24-hour emergency help. This way, you can enjoy both the freedom of living alone and the benefits of living in a community.

Adopting A Positive Mindset

The happiest people are often the ones who view everything with positivity. Thus, caring for your mental health is as vital as caring for your physical health to age gracefully. Here are four ways you can improve your mindset to age gracefully.

1. Accept Your Age 

Feeling anxious over changes in your physical health as you age is natural. You may even feel fearful thinking about your limited time to fulfil dreams and accomplish goals.

But instead of thinking about the losses in your ability to experience or feeling regret, focus on the things you have done. Be proud of your age and the many challenges that you’ve fought until now. 

2. Lower Your Stress

Stress is known to accelerate biological ageing. When faced with a tough situation, reduce your stress level by employing relaxation techniques, such as yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. Here are some of the best anger management strategies to keep in mind at a time when you might start feeling more irritable than you used to.

3. Stay Connected With Loved Ones

Older people are at a high risk of being isolated. That’s because physical problems such as hearing and memory loss make social interactions difficult for them. 

However, not staying connected can itself lead to severe physical and mental ailments. For instance, social isolation can increase the chance of dementia by 50 percent. 

So make it a point to spend time with family and friends, join interest groups, and participate actively in the community in person or virtually.

4. Keep Learning And Exploring Your Passions

Life begins after retirement! Before retirement, most of us are focused on surviving and simply need more time to pursue our true interests. Therefore, instead of viewing your increasing age as a burden, use it as an opportunity to do what you really love. Read books, learn a new skill, and travel the world — the sky is the limit!