Benefits Of Getting A Vasectomy

Benefits Of Getting A Vasectomy

There are all kinds of methods when it comes to contraceptives, but one that has been proven to be the best option available, at least for men, is vasectomy. We are going to talk about some of the most important benefits of getting a vasectomy, which will hopefully make you understand why it is the best contraceptive option.

Vasectomies are incredibly effective

Whether you get a vasectomy in Townsville or somewhere else, the effectiveness of a vasectomy is going to be the same, which is why this procedure is so fantastic. According to statistics, the chances of getting someone pregnant after getting a vasectomy are less than one percent.

Usually, the odds of sperm leaving the vas deferens, the tube that transports sperm, are about one in ten thousand after getting a vasectomy. With such small odds and considering the other factors necessary for pregnancy to happen, vasectomies are definitely the most effective methods of contraception.

Vasectomies are incredibly effective

You can find out all the information about a vasectomy during consultations.

The risks involved are very low.

No matter what kind of surgical procedure we are talking about, there is going to be some sort of risk, and the same thing can be said about getting a vasectomy. However, the chance of experiencing some kind of complication is incredibly low, as only about two to three percent of patients experience some kind of pain, bleeding, or get an infection. All complications are taken care of quite quickly.

They only make sex better

While the procedure will not protect you from sexual diseases, which is why it is still recommended to wear a condom if you are having multiple sex partners, even after the procedure if you only have a single partner, it will certainly make it better by making it more simple. You will not have to worry if you have any condoms around or if your partner has taken the pill.

Getting a vasectomy does not take long

While many think that getting a vasectomy is a very complicated procedure, the truth is the complete opposite. It is a very simple procedure that will not take more than thirty minutes, or even less if you do not count for the part where the surgeon applies the local anesthetic and waits for it to take effect. During the procedure, you will not feel any pain or discomfort either, which is great.

The recovery period is short

After the procedure is complete, the recovery from a vasectomy takes about a week to ten days. During this time, it is best to stay low, even if some men happen to feel no pain or discomfort and can comfortably go horse riding. Using an ice pack is recommended if there is no pain, and no sexual activity should be done for at least two weeks.

Sex is mandatory after the procedure

After the recovery period, expect to have a lot of sex with your partner, as it is necessary so you can check the sperm count in your ejaculation. It takes about twenty to twenty-five ejaculations to be completely sure that the vas deferens is completely empty and so that the tests can show the vasectomy was a success.

It pays off in the long run

While the initial procedure is certainly more expensive than a box of condoms or contraceptives for women, in the long run, it is a much cheaper option. Of course, it is also much cheaper than having a kid, and other contraceptive methods have a higher chance of getting you compared to vasectomy.

Your partner will be grateful

According to an expert vasectomy in Newcastle, one of the best things about getting a vasectomy, especially if you are a married man, is that your partner will be incredibly grateful. Not only because you will be showing just how devoted you are to the marriage but also because they will not have to worry about contraceptives of any kind.

While women can also get their tubes tied or be on the pill, these contraceptive methods are quite dangerous for their health, which is a fact that not many are aware of. More importantly, when it comes to the comparison of having tied tubes and a vasectomy, there is one huge difference between the two that is often overlooked, and that is the part where the vasectomy is reversible.

Your partner will be grateful

Your partner will be grateful when you get a vasectomy.

Final word

We listed quite a lot of benefits when it comes to getting a vasectomy, but there are many other ones that we have probably forgotten or just did not have space to mention. For the full list of benefits and more information about the procedure, the best thing you can do is consult with a doctor at the vasectomy office in person, as they can answer all of your questions with ease and accuracy.