Best Cardiologist in Junee

Prof John French


Prof John French attends Riverina Cardiology on a part time basis. He is Director of Coronary Care,
and Director of Cardiovascular Research at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney and is a conjoint Professor at the University of New South Wales. After basic physician training he undertook a PhD at the University of Adelaide, further cardiology training at Green Lane Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand, and a Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellowship in molecular genetics at the University College London, UK.

Prof Gerard E Carroll AM


Prof Gerard E Carroll AM is a St Vincent’s trained cardiologist with over twenty-eight years experience

as a consultant physician and cardiologist. He has expertise in the sub-specialties of general and interventional cardiology; and complex internal medicine. He is recognized as a leader in regional medical service delivery and is the principal of Riverina Cardiology, and a co-principal of Cardiology at the Mater in Sydney.He has been director of Cardiac Services at the Cardiac Catheter Laboratory at Calvary Hospital, Wagga Wagga, for 20 years. Prof Carroll has also enjoyed a long-running involvement in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education.

A/Prof Michael McCready


A/Prof Michael McCready graduated from the University of Toronto Medical School with honours in 1998.

He trained in the specialty of Internal Medicine (2002) and undertook further sub-specialty training in Cardiology (2004) at the University of Calgary. He migrated to Wagga Wagga, Australia in 2004 with his Australian wife and family.

A/Prof Peter E Ruchin


A/Prof Peter E Ruchin is a St Vincent’s trained interventional cardiologist and consultant physician.

He has achieved international accreditation in interventional cardiology following training at St Vincent’s Hospital (Sydney), Centro Cardiologico Monzino (Milan, Italy), University of Ottawa Heart Institute (Ottawa, Canada) and Vancouver General Hospital (Vancouver, Canada). He has performed thousands of interventional coronary procedures and continues to develop his expertise in this field.

A/Prof David Gallagher


A/Prof David Gallagher is a Consultant Physician and Cardiologist who, after visiting Riverina Cardiology

on a part time basis for over 13 years, has relocated from Sydney to Wagga Wagga to join the practice on a full time basis. A/Prof Gallagher completed his Bachelor of Medicine at University of New South Wales in 1983 and trained in Cardiology at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.

A/Prof Joseph Suttie


A/Prof Joseph Suttie is a consultant cardiologist and general physician. He completed his undergraduate

education at the Universities of New South Wales and Cambridge, UK. He subsequently completed a doctorate at the University of Oxford where he coordinated trials in heart failure and inherited heart disease. He holds academic appointments at the University of New South Wales and the University of Notre Dame Australia.

Dr Vincent Khoury


Dr Vincent Khoury joined the practice in 2002, after completing his Masters of Philosophy at the University

of Queensland. Currently Dr Khoury is a VMO at Concord Hospital and Strathfield Private Hospital, he is a senior clinical lecturer at the University of Sydney, Medical School and was appointed on The Avant Medical Insurance experts Panel from 2013 to 2019.

Dr Mark Herman


Dr Mark Herman is An experienced medical practitioner, active in cardiology consulting, Deputy Director

of Heart Failure Clinic at Concord Repatriation General Hospital, Sydney, VMO at Strathfield Private Hospital, Senior physician at Sydney Private Hospital and honorary cardiologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney. WCC Approved Medical Specialist (Permanent Impairment and General Disputes 2015-2018) and extensive experience in medico legal reporting. As a cardiology consultant Dr Herman specialises in general cardiology, echocardiography, heart failure, ischaemic heart disease, arrhythmia and valvular heart disease.

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What is cardiology?

Cardiology is the study of the heart, it is a branch of internal medicine that deals with diseases of the heart, the blood vessels near the heart and the blood circulation. A cardiologist is a specialist in internal medicine who has specialized in the treatment of heart disease through additional training. A cardiologist examines the development of cardiovascular diseases and specializes in curing them. These include diseases such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, heart attack, heart failure (heart failure) and cardiac arrhythmias.

What is a cardiologist?

Cardiology is a branch of internal medicine as an independent subject. A cardiologist specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the cardiovascular system. This specialist area is to be distinguished from the sub-area of cardiac surgery. A cardiologist is not the same as a heart surgeon. This opens the chest and performs heart surgery. The cardiologist, on the other hand, examines and diagnoses cardiovascular diseases and performs interventions such as cardiac catheterization or the insertion of a pacemaker.

What does a cardiologist do?

Cardiologists study, diagnose and treat diseases of the cardiovascular system. They are similar to other doctors in that they have to assess their patients, examine their medical history, and develop a treatment plan. You must also be able to answer patient questions in the cardiology department and communicate with the patient’s family during treatment. As part of the family history, heart attacks, strokes and sudden cardiac deaths are recorded and with regard to the presence of a heart disease, questions are asked about lifestyle (physical activity, alcohol and tobacco consumption, etc.) and the associated risk factors. Many of her professional responsibilities are specifically focused on treating the heart.

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