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Best Dentist in Port Augusta

Best Dentist in Port Augusta

If you find yourself to be in a situation where finding the best Port Augusta Dentist gets difficult, then we are here to help you out with this. Below is a list of the Good Dentist in Port Augusta City. To help you find the Best Dentist Port Augusta located near to you, we put together our own list based on patient reviews.

This article is updated every 1-2 months.

⇒ Dr Andrew Cottell

Dr Andrew Cottell

Dr Andrew Cottell is a highly experienced dentist who is dedicated to staying informed of the latest technology trends to provide customers with the best services possible. He also works closely with patients to understand their dental needs and can tailor services to suit their circumstances. He currently practices in Port Augustaat Port Augusta Dental Care.

Specialty Interests:
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Invisible Aligners
  • Surgical Extractions

Address: Commercial Rd, Port Augusta SA 5700, Australia

Phone: (08) 8642-2557

⇒ Dr Anna Puzio

Dr Anna Puzio is a dentist in Port Augusta 5700. Dr Anna Puzio provides a number of dental services and dental treatments. All Dental Port Augusta was established by she in 2007. Since that time, the practice has become a leading dental services provider in the region. Not only offering basic dental care and checkups, All Dental is very proud to offer premium whitening and straightening services at prices that will leave you smiling.

Specialty Interests:
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Daental Implants
  • Root Canal Treatments

Address: 21-23 Gibson St, Port Augusta SA 5700, Australia

Phone: (08) 8642-5700


Dr Anna Puzio

⇒ Dr Jimin Cha

Dr Jimin Cha

Dr Jimin Cha graduated with Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Adelaide. She joined our team in 2015, currently working in Neni’s Renmark Dental Clinic. She takes great pride in providing the most tailored, caring and reliable dental service for her clients that suits the best for a patient’s financial status and longevity of treatment. She focuses on holistic dental management as she treats patients, not just teeth. 

Specialty Interests:
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Prosthetic Dentistry

Address: Young St, Port Augusta SA 5700, Australia

Phone: (08) 8641-0077

⇒ Dr Guy Burnett

Dr Guy Burnett obtained his orthodontic degree at the University of Adelaide in 1979 and is a full member of the Australian Dental Association and the Australian Society of Orthodontists. He is currently a clinical orthodontic postgraduate tutor at the Adelaide University, a position he has held for over 30 years. He has a special interest in the treatment of sleep apnea.

Specialty Interests:
  • Orthodontist
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Braces

Address: 21-23 Gibson St, Port Augusta SA 5700, Australia

Phone: (08) 8641-0085


Dr Guy Burnett

⇒ Dr Mark Paneras

Dr Mark Paneras

Dr Mark Paneras graduated from Adelaide University in 1998. He has extensive experience working in rural and metropolitan centres alike. He recently completed an intensive program in Puerto Vallarta Mexico placing dental implants and improving quality of life to those less privileged.

Specialty Interests:
  • Dental Implants
  • General & Preventive Dentistry
  • Dentures

Address: 47 Playford Ave, Whyalla Playford SA 5600, Australia

Phone: (08) 8644-1111


⇒ Dr Taz Elgammal

Dr Taz Elgammal has been practising dentistry for 12 years prior to joining Smileco Dental. He has extensive experience in all aspects of general dentistry and was tutoring dental students at Adelaide University. He is passionate about providing quality and up-to-date dental care to his patients. Therefore he pursues the latest technologies and techniques in dental care.

Specialty Interests:
  • General Dentistry
  • Crowns
  • Dental Implants

Address: 3/49-51 Playford Ave, Whyalla Playford SA 5600, Australia

Phone: (08) 8645-7944


Dr Taz Elgammal

⇒ Dr Akira Amafuji

Dr Akira Amafuji

Dr Akira Amafuji is an Australian-based health professional. He is trained as a Dentist and has a practice located in Whyalla Playford. He is a dentist in Whyalla 5600. He provides a number of dental services and dental treatments.

Specialty Interests:
  • Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Gum Disease

Address: Lincoln Hwy, Whyalla Playford SA 5600, Australia

Phone: (08) 8645-9026


⇒ Dr My Anh Vu Thanh

Dr My Anh Vu Thanh completed her PhD and Specialist degree from Adelaide Dental School, The University of Adelaide. She is interested in prosthodontics works such as veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures, implants and implant overdentures. Dr Vu speaks English and Vietnamese.

Specialty Interests:
  • Prosthodontist
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Veneers

Address: 115 Nicolson Ave, Whyalla Norrie SA 5608, Australia

Phone: (08) 8645-1788

Dr My Anh Vu Thanh

What is the term Dentist ?

As the name suggests, dentists deal with teeth and belong to the so-called human medical field. In addition to routine tasks such as treating arriving patients, pain patients must also be treated, who often come to the practice without an appointment and want to be relieved of their toothache.

Daily tasks include activities such as prevention, treatment and aftercare of the oral and dental areas. The tasks of a dentist include not only the teeth, but also, for example, the jaw or the gums. However, different tasks also come about with different patients. Above all, the age structure is a decisive factor.

While the focus of children and young patients is primarily on tooth care and prevention, an employed dentist has to meet significantly higher standards for patients with increasing age. Basically, a dentist not only reacts to short-term problems, but also acts preventively with foresight in order to protect patients from future harm. For example, it may be necessary to replace a tooth completely or in part.

Furthermore, the dentist vacancies can not only call for the “general” dentist, but lead to further specializations. These specializations can be in the direction of periodontology or facial epithetics. In this respect, the field of duties of a dentist can be broad or restricted to a certain field through specialization.

What are the basic duties and rights of dentists ?

The rights and duties of dentists are closely linked and include the right to professional independence, self-determination and clinical freedom. Not only do these professional rights exist for the benefit of dentists, they also enable dentists to provide quality and ethical oral health care to all members of the community and to fulfill their professional duties and obligations. If these professional rights are compromised, this can threaten the maintenance of professional standards.

Like the obligations, the interpretation of the professional rights of dentists can vary from country to country. However, under all circumstances:

  • act in the interests of the patient and the public; and
  • the professional and ethical guidelines as well as the credibility of the dental profession are complied with.

Dentists also need to identify and manage situations where professional duties take precedence over professional rights.
Constant changes affecting both the profession of dentist and the population mean that regular evaluations of the professional rights and duties of dentists are necessary in order to continue to meet these requirements in the future.