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Best Dentist in Yass

Best Dentist in Yass

If you find yourself to be in a situation where finding the best Yass Dentist gets difficult, then we are here to help you out with this. Below is a list of the Good Dentist in Yass City. To help you find the Best Dentist Yass located near to you, we put together our own list based on patient reviews.

This article is updated every 1-2 months.

⇒ Dr Atul Manani

Dr Atul Manani

Dr Atul Manani graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Bachelor of
Dental Surgery in 1995. He then attained a Masters Degree in Restorative Dentistry in 2001. Completing his post graduate training in the U.K., He moved to Australia 10 years ago. Since then he has undergone many hours of continuing education with the Las Vegas Institute of
Advanced Dental Studies.

Specialty Interests:
  •  Fillings
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Crowns & Bridges

Address: 15 Kingsland Parade, Casey ACT 2913, Australia

Phone: (02) 5105-4767


⇒ Dr Peter Kim

Dr Peter Kim is a senior partner at Yass Valley Dental. After completing his secondary education from the Anglican Church Grammar School in Brisbane, he moved to Adelaide to complete his Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree. He has completed his Graduate Diploma in Clinical Orthodontics from The City of London Dental School/BPP University, and is continuing his post graduate studies at the University of Sydney, regularly travelling to work with renowned dental specialists across the country.

Specialty Interests:
  • Dental Hygiene
  •  Gum Treatment
  • Mouthguards

Address: Lead St, Yass NSW 2582, Australia

Phone: (02) 6226-1015


Dr Peter Kim

⇒ Dr Joseph Jho

Dr Joseph Jho

Dr Joseph Jho qualifiction is B.Dent (Syd), B.Med.Sci (Syd). He is a General Dentist who speaks Korean (as well as English).

Specialty Interests:
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Invisalign
  •  Teeth Whitening

Address: 5-7 Jabanungga Ave, Ngunnawal ACT 2913, Australia

Phone: (02) 6242-7992

⇒ Dr Lakshmi Catna

Dr Lakshmi Catna is an Australian-based health professional. She is a General Dentist. Concise and verified healthcare information related to she is field of practice. These cover conditions, treatments, and health products in an easy-to-read, high-quality format.

Specialty Interests:
  •  Dental Implants
  • Root Canal Treatments
  •  Dentures

Address: Lhotsky St &, Charnwood Pl, Charnwood ACT 2615, Australia

Phone: (02) 6258-5830

Dr Lakshmi Catna

⇒ Dr Dominic Vu

Dr Dominic Vu

Dr Dominic Vu Gungahlin Dental Surgery is owned and operated by he (B.D.S. Sydney University) who has 23 years’ experience in all areas of dental care. He and his team are constantly learning about new technologies, developments in dental materials and holistic oral hygiene to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible. If you have a dental issue, call Dominic and his team for comprehensive, fast, and compassionate service.

Specialty Interests:
  • Dentures
  •  Dental extraction
  •  Porcelain crown/bridges

Address: Gozzard St, Gungahlin ACT 2912, Australia

Phone: (02) 6242-7288


⇒ Dr Priyanka Chandra

Dr Priyanka Chandra graduated from The University of Adelaide in 2008. She was successful in completing the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons (RACDS) Primary Examinations and is currently doing further study. She has since worked in both public health dentistry and private dental practices in Canberra, Newcastle and now Sydney.

Specialty Interests:
  •  Veneers
  •  Fillings
  • Braces

Address: Shop H43/30 & 33 Hibberson St, Gungahlin ACT 2912, Australia

Phone: (02) 6250-5400

Dr Priyanka Chandra

⇒ Dr Shilpa P Kalburgi

Dr Shilpa P Kalburgi

Dr Shilpa P Kalburgi is our Principal Dentist. She attained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) in 2003 and has since been working in private dental practices in Canberra and has attained expert mastery of clinical skills, enormous knowledge and superb experience in all aspects of dentistry. From very young children having their very first dental visit, to teens, adults, pregnant women and seniors, she has excelled in providing quality dental treatment of any complexity across all ages.

Specialty Interests:
  • Invisalign
  •  Myobrace
  • Dental Implants

Address: 24-22 Hibberson St, Gungahlin ACT 2912, Australia

Phone: (02) 6242-7777

⇒ Dr Tara Lagos

Dr Tara Lagos was welcomed to the Maven Dental Evatt team in April 2015. She graduated from Griffith University in 2013, and holds a Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science and Graduate Diploma in Dentistry (receiving the Griffith University Academic Excellence Award). Prior to joining the Evatt practice in her hometown of Canberra,she gained valuable experience working at Nepean Hospital in Sydney where she practiced general and emergency dentistry.

Specialty Interests:
  •  Cosmetic Injectables
  •  Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Veneers

Address: Clancy St, Evatt ACT 2617, Australia

Phone: (02) 6258-5566


Dr Tara Lagos

⇒ Dr Alex Warnakula

Dr Alex Warnakula

Dr Alex Warnakula ograduated as a Bachelor of Dental surgery in 1997 from the University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka. Alex migrated to Australia in 2006 following completing the exam for overseas Dentist (ADC) in the same year. Alex has been continuously registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) as a General Dentist since 2006 following successful completion of the ADC exam.

Specialty Interests:
  • Restorative Dentistry
  •  Dentures
  • Crowns & Bridges

Address: 51 Nullarbor Ave, Franklin ACT 2913, Australia

Phone: (02) 6170-1405


⇒ Dr Prasad Karlapur

Dr Prasad Karlapur graduated in 2002 and has practiced as a dentist ever since. He is passionate about caring for people and ensuring that he can offer up-to-date advice on achieving dental health. It was also why in 2007 He was awarded his Masters in Prosthodontics (Crown and Bridge). In 2011,he successfully completed his Australian Dental Council Exams. Since then he has worked as a dentist in Australia.

Specialty Interests:
  • Crown and Bridge
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Clear Aligner – Invisalign

Address: 11 Wimmera St, Harrison ACT 2914, Australia

Phone: (02) 6162-0067


Dr Prasad Karlapur

What is the term Dentist ?

As the name suggests, dentists deal with teeth and belong to the so-called human medical field. In addition to routine tasks such as treating arriving patients, pain patients must also be treated, who often come to the practice without an appointment and want to be relieved of their toothache.

Daily tasks include activities such as prevention, treatment and aftercare of the oral and dental areas. The tasks of a dentist include not only the teeth, but also, for example, the jaw or the gums. However, different tasks also come about with different patients. Above all, the age structure is a decisive factor.

While the focus of children and young patients is primarily on tooth care and prevention, an employed dentist has to meet significantly higher standards for patients with increasing age. Basically, a dentist not only reacts to short-term problems, but also acts preventively with foresight in order to protect patients from future harm. For example, it may be necessary to replace a tooth completely or in part.

Furthermore, the dentist vacancies can not only call for the “general” dentist, but lead to further specializations. These specializations can be in the direction of periodontology or facial epithetics. In this respect, the field of duties of a dentist can be broad or restricted to a certain field through specialization.

What are the basic duties and rights of dentists ?

The rights and duties of dentists are closely linked and include the right to professional independence, self-determination and clinical freedom. Not only do these professional rights exist for the benefit of dentists, they also enable dentists to provide quality and ethical oral health care to all members of the community and to fulfill their professional duties and obligations. If these professional rights are compromised, this can threaten the maintenance of professional standards.

Like the obligations, the interpretation of the professional rights of dentists can vary from country to country. However, under all circumstances:

  • act in the interests of the patient and the public; and
  • the professional and ethical guidelines as well as the credibility of the dental profession are complied with.

Dentists also need to identify and manage situations where professional duties take precedence over professional rights.
Constant changes affecting both the profession of dentist and the population mean that regular evaluations of the professional rights and duties of dentists are necessary in order to continue to meet these requirements in the future.