Best General surgeon in Crows Nest

Dr David Joseph

General surgeon

Dr David Joseph is a highly trained Laparoscopic and Hepatobiliary Surgeon specializing in benign and
malignant conditions of the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract, including the Liver, Stomach, and Pancreas. He has provided a comprehensive service for Bariatric patients for the last 10 years, and performs laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopic gastric bypass (roux and single loop) surgery, and complex revision bariatric surgery for the management of obesity problems.

Dr. Michael Crawford

General surgeon

Dr Crawford runs an ethical surgical practice, selecting treatments (or not) based on evidence and what

is best for the individual patient. He enjoys educating patients well about their condition and therapeutic options to assist with decision making. This website, which you will find is more substance over style, provides a resource: with patient information PDFs authored by himself and links to his educational videos which have proved very useful for patients. “It is great when patients arrive having already viewed a video or a patient information sheet on their condition.”

Dr David Yeo

General surgeon

Dr David Yeo is an Upper GI Surgeon based in Sydney, NSW. As well as upper gastrointestinal surgery

Dr Yeo specialises in hepatobiliary surgery (liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile duct), transplant and bariatric surgery. He has a broad special interest and expertise in cancerous and non – cancerous conditions including liver tumours, biliary/gallbladder and pancreatic tumours. He also offers a full range of surgical treatments including laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery for gallstones, hernias, and bariatric/obesity surgery as well as endoscopy and ERCPs.

Dr James Wykes

General surgeon

Dr James Wykes is a head and neck surgeon with a special interest in treating mouth, throat and jaw

tumours; salivary gland conditions; thyroid and parathyroid disease; advanced skin cancers; and microvascular reconstructive surgery. He practises across Sydney and Wollongong at several major hospitals and cancer treatment centres.

Dr Susannah Graham

General surgeon

Dr Susannah Graham is a specialist general surgeon with subspecialty training in breast and endocrine

surgery. She has experience and expertise in the use of oncoplastic techniques for the treatment of breast cancer. Dr Graham holds VMO appointments at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, St George Private Hospital, Kareena Private Hospital and Kingsway Day Surgery.

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What is General Practitioner?

The term general practitioner describes the extensive area of responsibility of the general practitioner very aptly. Patients see the specialist in general medicine as the first and primary point of contact for all illnesses and questions about health. Who does not know it? As soon as you feel sick or need medical advice, the first thing you should do is go to your family doctor. The

primary doctor principle even provides that you always visit your family doctor first before you visit a specialist.

As part of the consultation with the doctor, the so-called anamnesis , the general practitioner asks about the patient’s state of health. The general practitioner often treats and cares for patients he has known for a long time, often even through families over several generations. In addition to the necessary professional competence, this gives him a special role as a confidant. In many cases, this also makes diagnosis easier for the family doctor.

In addition to treating illnesses, the general practitioner specializes in preventive care, such as vaccinations and nutritional advice. In addition, he accompanies patients in their rehabilitation phase after hospital treatment or serious illness.

In the case of special illnesses that require specialist knowledge in a certain area, the general practitioner refers his patients to the relevant specialist for further treatment or differential diagnosis. The general practitioner is also responsible for collating all of a patient’s medically important data and works closely with all facilities and institutions that are important for the patient’s health.

What does a general practitioner do?

An examination by the family doctor always begins with the so-called anamnesis. The general practitioner asks the person concerned in detail about their health problems. If the patient is already known, he arranges the information in the medical context or his individual medical history.

The general practitioner also uses the following examination methods: Physical examination Blood pressure measurement Pulse measurement Blood test Electrocardiogram (EKG) Pulmonary function test Ultrasound examination (sonography) Doppler sonographs Infusion and transfusion therapy Medical checkups

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