Best Paediatric surgeon in Sydney

Dr Michael Bellemore

Paediatric surgeon

Dr Michael Bellemore is a senior orthopaedic surgeon at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. He studied
Medicine at the University of New South Wales graduating in 1977. He trained to be an orthopaedic surgeon in Sydney. Early in his career he was inspired to pursue a career in paediatric orthopaedic surgery. To achieve this goal he spent 2 years overseas undertaking further training. Dr Michael is one of the best paediatric orthopaedic surgeon sydney.

Dr Gideon Sandler

Paediatric surgeon

Dr Gideon Sandler is a specialist surgeon who treats both adults and children. He is committed to compassionate,

holistic patient and family-centred care. He develops strong patient relationships and is approachable, empathetic and easily accessible. Gideon completed his training in General Surgery and Paediatric Surgery before undergoing sub-specialty training in Surgical Oncology and Head & Neck Surgery both in Australia and the United States.

Dr Angelo Preketes

Paediatric surgeon

Dr Angelo Preketes is an Australian-based health professional. Angelo is trained as a Plastic Surgeon

(Reconstructive & Cosmetic) and has a practice located in Kingswood. Dr Angelo Preketes is highly experienced paediatric plastic surgeon sydney.

Dr Vincent Varjavandi

Paediatric surgeon

Dr Vincent Varjavandi ihas been a full time staff as specialist paediatric surgeon sydney children’s

hospital since 2002. He trained at Flinders University in South Australia, graduating in 1992, then commenced paediatric surgical training at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide.

Dr Yishay Orr

Paediatric surgeon

Dr Yishay Orr is an Australian qualified and trained Cardiothoracic Surgeon with a focus on paediatric

and children’s surgery. Dr Orr completed her undergraduate medical degree at the University of NSW graduating in February 1999. She then progressed through her intern and residency years and commenced working in cardiothoracic surgery at Liverpool and then Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals.

Dr Bruce G. Currie

Paediatric surgeon

Dr Bruce G. Currie is a Sydney-based specialist Paediatric Surgeon who consults with patients at his

rooms on High Street, Randwick and operates at The Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. Dr Currie has been providing surgical services to children for over 30 years across the Sydney region from the South-West, at both Liverpool and Campbelltown, to the Eastern Suburbs at The Sydney Childrens Hospital.

Dr Brian Hsu

Paediatric surgeon

Dr Brian Hsu is an Adult and Paediatric Spine Surgeon in Sydney. Dr Hsu received his medical degree

from the University of Sydney, before obtaining his qualifications as an Orthopaedic Surgeon in New South Wales. Dr Hsu worked and trained at two world-renowned institutions, UCSF, San Francisco, California and Twin Cities Spine Center Minneapolis, Minnesota and is currently practising at NSW Spine Specialists.

Dr Gideon Sandler

Paediatric surgeon

Dr Guy Henry is a specialist Paediatric Surgeon who has been practicing in Sydney for over 20 years.

His interests include general paediatric surgery (including circumcision), hypospadias, minimally invasive surgery (keyhole surgery), gastroesophageal reflux surgery, oncological surgery and foetal malformations. He has worked at Sutherland Hospital for over 17 years as well as Sydney Children’s Hospital.

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What is pediatric surgery?

Pediatric surgery is a comparatively young surgical field. An independent specialist in pediatric surgery has existed since 1992. Although there was a specialist in pediatric surgery in the GDR as early as 1955, a sub-specialization in pediatric surgery for surgeons in the Federal Republic was only possible since 1968.

The advanced training is regulated in the state-specific advanced training regulations and is based on the requirements of the German Medical Association. A further training period of at least 6 years is required to obtain the title of specialist doctor. During this time, in addition to basic surgical and pediatric knowledge, the entire spectrum of pediatric surgery in theory and practice must be learned.

The field of pediatric surgery is extremely diverse due to the subgroups included. In addition to the fields of general surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, thoracic surgery, tumor surgery, trauma surgery and visceral surgery, a number of other disciplines such as gastroenterology, ear, nose and throat medicine, pediatric and adolescent medicine and urology are part of the daily work. It is important to pay attention to the special features of children and to appropriately adapted therapy strategies. In addition to treating the children, it is important to include the parents in the entire process in a suitable manner, to obtain consent and to do educational work.

From our point of view, pediatric surgery is the most fascinating subject in medicine! We pediatric surgeons look after children and adolescents of all age groups – and that “from curls to socks”. While the other surgical disciplines are broadly divided (trauma surgery, “abdominal” surgery, “lung” surgery, urology, operative gynecology, etc.), pediatric surgery encompasses almost all surgical diseases in people up to the age of 16.

The focus of the work of the pediatric surgeon is undoubtedly the correction of congenital malformations. But even premature babies from the 24th week of pregnancy with a body “weight” of almost 500 grams often have serious illnesses that can only be treated surgically. Up to the first year of life, all children should definitely be operated on by a children’s surgeon. Of course, we are of the opinion that beyond the first year of life, all conditions (environment, anesthesia, care, surgeon) must be tailored to the patient and recommend visiting a pediatric medicine facility well into adolescence.

Pediatric trauma surgery (pediatric trauma) is also a focus of pediatric surgeons and a real specialty because the growing skeleton has a number of peculiarities that the attending physician must take into account. Even the assessment of an X-ray image of the child has to be learned and trained, because the cartilaginous growth plates can lead to confusion and misdiagnosis.

Paediatric Surgeon :

A pediatric surgeon fulfills the role of general , visceral , thoracic and plastic surgeon at the same time when looking after his small patients (children from birth up to the age of sixteen) . His field of work is therefore very extensive and ranges from congenital or acquired defects to broken bones to tumor diseases. The focus is always on the patient’s entire body, because childhood diseases often affect several organ systems and must therefore be treated as a whole.

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