Best Paediatrician in Melbourne

Dr. Riju Mittal


Dr. Riju Mittal has been working and training in Paediatrics in Melbourne for over 18 years. She has
worked extensively with children who have complex developmental and behavioural needs including Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD. She is one of the best developmental paediatrician melbourne in austalia.

Dr Brendan Chan


Dr Brendan Chan is a General Paediatrician with interests in acute paediatrics, including neonatal/newborn

care and emergency medicine. He also sees children with common medical problems and developmental conditions, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Dr. Czarina Atupan-Calderon


Dr. Czarina Atupan-Calderon is a highly experienced Paediatrician, practicing for almost 20 years, she

has a special interest in children’s respiratory conditions, children’s sleep disorders and also unsettled infants.

Dr Jeremy Rosenbaum


Dr Jeremy Rosenbaum graduated from Monash University Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery with Honours

(MBBS, Hons) and then trained at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Additional postgraduate training includes a Clinical Academic Fellowship in Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Diseases at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada.

Dr Susan Gibb


Dr Susan Gibb is an Australian-based health professional. Susan is trained as a Paediatrician and has

a practice located in North Melbourne.

Dr Nicole Robins-Browne


Dr Nicole Robins-Browne is a kind and caring paediatrician. She understands that you know your child

and your situation best. She is experienced paediatrician autism melbourne in australia. She will take the time to get to know you and your child, she will listen you and your needs.

Dr David Tran


Dr David Tranis a Melbourne trained General Paediatrician who has a keen interest in looking after the

health and well being of children of all ages. He did his Paediatric training through the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, and has had experience in Neonatal Medicine, General Paediatrics and Adolescent Health.

Dr Michaela Murray


Mitcham Private paediatrician melbourne Hospital would like to introduce Dr Michaela Murray, Consultant

Paediatrician who specialises in children’s acute and chronic medical conditions from birth to 18 years. Michaela trained as a Paediatrician royal children’s hospital melbourne and The Mercy Hospitals in Melbourne.

If you find yourself to be in a situation where finding the best Melbourne Paediatrician this. Below is a list of the top Paediatrician in Melbourne. To help you find the best Paediatrician Melbourne located near to you, we put together our own Melbourne Paediatrician list based on patient reviews.

What is pediatrician?

The pediatrician is the specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine. His patients include newborns, infants, toddlers, children and adolescents, from the beginning to the end of their physical development. One focus of the pediatrician’s work is prevention and precaution.

The pediatrician is a specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine : he takes care of the health of newborns, toddlers, children and adolescents . In addition, the pediatrician is a person of trust for parents who seek advice and help from him for all questions about the growth and health of their child – from the first months of life to the teenage years.

What does a pediatrician actually do ?

One of the most important tasks of the pediatrician is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in children and adolescents . Like other doctors , the pediatrician examines the patient , records his or her anamnesis , assesses his health and diagnoses any childhood diseases , allergies, growth disorders , respiratory infections, etc.

From a health point of view, childhood and developmental age are decisive and critical phases: for this reason, the pediatrician concentrates on early diagnosis in order to be able to recognize and treat potential problems and diseases as early as possible.

Often the little patients are not yet sufficiently capable of communicating: this is why it is essential to talk to their parents before, during and after the examination.

After the diagnosis, the pediatrician suggests a treatment plan and prescribes drugs and medication or special examinations or specialist advice for a comprehensive diagnosis and determination of the most suitable form of treatment.
In addition, the pediatrician takes care of health care for babies, children and adolescents , e. B. by carrying out or prescribing vaccinations .

Doctors specializing in pediatric and adolescent medicine do not only deal with physical problems, but in general with everything that has to do with the growth and psychological development of the child , from birth to adolescence.
The pediatrician monitors the physical and psychomotor development, controls the growth (weight, height, development of the various organs …), but must also follow the intellectual and psychosocial development of the child. The visit to the pediatrician , e.g. B., is fundamentally important for the diagnosis of incipient behavioral disorders , language development, sleep behavior and diet.

Pediatrician – duties and responsibilities
The specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine deals with the detection, treatment and follow-up care of all physical, mental and psychosomatic illnesses in infants, toddlers, children and adolescents. His tasks also include the prevention and rehabilitation of relevant diseases as well as the treatment of developmental disorders and disabilities in his young patients. In addition, there is the medical field of prenatal diseases, neonatal medicine (neonatology) and the specialist field of social pediatrics.

Illnesses in children and adolescents require special therapeutic knowledge and experience. In addition, the specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine should, last but not least, have a feel for the worries and dealings with parents and relatives.

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