Different Procedures You Can Expect From Modern Dentistry

Something that a lot of people are afraid of, or at least repulsed by, is a visit to the dentist. While a dentist might seem scary with all the equipment that they are working with, you do not actually have to visit them only when you have some health issues with your teeth. Dentists today can provide various aesthetic procedures which can make your smile look better as well.

Dental Implants

Throughout our lives, there is always some kind of situation that will cause one of our teeth to fall out. It can happen due to aging, poor genetics, or some kind of accident. While a lot of people do not really care if a tooth they lose a tooth in the back of their mouth, where no one can see it when they smile, things are a bit different when it comes to teeth in the front.

With dental implants in Sydney, it is possible to gain a completely new tooth. While the tooth is indeed artificial, due to modern dentistry, it is possible to craft it in such a way that it is completely unnoticeable when it comes to both the feeling and the color of the implant when compared to other natural teeth.

Injectable procedures

Illustration of dental implants.


A lot of people tend to have issues when it comes to teeth alignment. While this can be due to some kind of bad habit or condition, in most cases, it is because of genetics. With Invisalign, it is now possible to align the teeth to that perfect shape without having to worry about a thing like braces.

This is all possible due to cutting-edge computer imaging technology that creates removable plastic aligners that are completely clear. Each Invisalign is custom-made for the patient, and it does the same effect as braces, but without being visible.

However, unlike a pair of bracers that has to be tightened over time, when it comes to Invisalign, patients will have to receive a new aligner each time additional tightness is required. While this might seem a bit of a hassle at first, it is less time-consuming than braces, more accessible, and more comfortable to have in your mouth too.


There are two different options when it comes to making teeth whiter, and the first one comes in the form of veneers. This modern technology can be looked at as makeup for teeth, as you will just receive a porcelain layer on the front of your natural teeth. During this procedure, a little bit of enamel is removed only, so you will not have to worry about sacrificing too much of your teeth.

Despite enamel getting removed, veneers, as they are made of porcelain, which is a very resistant material, they provide additional protection to the teeth too. It is not all about aesthetics, even if that is the main focus.

Whitening is also not the only thing that veneers can do, as they are capable of fixing chips and cracks in the tooth too. This is all possible due to medical technology combined with computer and AI technology.

Teeth Whitening

If you happen to have perfectly shaped teeth with no misalignment, no chips, and no cracks, then teeth whitening is the ideal procedure for you. With teeth whitening, there are no changes to the shape of your teeth, and the only thing that is getting improved is the color of your teeth.

Sedation and surgery

While most dental procedures can be performed without any kind of sedation, there are some procedures that require it, as they are of a more serious caliber. When it comes to dental sedation in Sydney, it is done professionally whenever a dentist considers it that the patient needs it. In some situations, patients who need to get their wisdom teeth removed also require sedation.

Sedation and surgery

Serious dental procedures require sedation before surgery.

Extraction and filling

One of the most common procedures that you might be familiar with and that you have probably undergone at some point in your life are extraction and fillings. Extraction is a [procedure that focuses on removing a tooth that has fallen ill to tooth decay or some other disease, and while it is not as common as fillings, it is something that everyone will experience.

Fillings, on the other hand, are a more common procedure, and this is the one used to fix teeth that have been chipped, cracked, or broken. Fillings are also done after the removal of certain tooth diseases, as they will protect teeth from further damage.

Final word

Dentistry has evolved quite a bit in the past decade, and with the combination of dentistry and computer technologies, there is a much better approach when it comes to helping certain patients. If there was a time when getting a dental check-up was the least scary, it is definitely now.