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Mr. Brendan O’Brien has worked as Consultant Neurosurgeon at St Vincent’s Private and Public Hospitals over the last 15 years. He initially graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland Medical School in 1984. He then pursued his residency at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Queensland.

Prior to commencing surgical training, he worked in Family General Practice and obtained the Fellowship (FRACGP) in 1993. Mr O’Brien proceeded to specialist training in neurosurgery in 1994. This was in Neurosurgical Units in Melbourne, Hobart and Brisbane, graduating in 2000.

Commencing work as a Consultant Neurosurgeon at St Vincent’s Hospital in February 2000, he has specialised in Cranial and Skull based tumour resection, complex spinal surgery, management of cranial/spinal trauma and cerebrovascular aneurysm clipping/management. With additional interests in pituitary and peripheral nerve surgery.

He is a balanced advocate of artificial disc replacement solutions in the cervical and lumbar spine. This has successfully been offered to appropriate patients since late 2003. He has subsequently developed extensive experience in disc replacement treatments along with other Minimally Invasive Reconstructive Spinal therapies for degenerative, traumatic or neoplastic spinal conditions.

Mr Brendan O’Brien has been a previous Supervisor of Neurosurgical Training at St Vincent’s Hospital and regularly is involved in teaching to Medical and Nursing staff throughout the hospital campus. He works as a Consultant Neurosurgeon at St Vincent’s Public and Private Hospitals in Melbourne. He consults in rooms at Ballarat to the local and regional area on a regular basis.


Contact No.: (03) 9417 5033

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  • Consultant Neurosurgeon St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne
  • Consultant Neurosurgeon St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne


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