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Dr Paul Froomes is a Melbourne-based consultant physician and gastroenterologist who aims to provide the best in health care for all problems related to the gastrointestinal tract and the liver. Dr Froomes’ specialty is in diagnosing and managing disorder related to imbalances in the microbial structure of the gut microbiome.

Dr Paul Froomes is a gastroenterologist board certified in colonoscopy, gastroscopy, general gastroenterology and hepatology. He studied medicine at Monash University and completed his specialist physician training with the Royal Australian College of Physicians at the Austin Hospital, Melbourne. He completed a post doctorate masters degree in liver disease at the University of Melbourne and has published many scientific research papers on cirrhosis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Dr Froomes has subsequently undergone further specialist endoscopy training in Sydney in advanced endoscopic techniques and additional specialist oesophageal physiology training in Adelaide. His areas of interest include liver disease, fatty liver, hepatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, reflux oesophagitis, swallowing disorders, colon cancer screening, hpylori, diverticulosis, peptic ulcer disease, Coeliac disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

Dr Froomes is practices at John Fawkner Hospital , Coburg Endoscopy Centre, Northwest Endoscopy, Epworth Freemasons and Victorian Gut Centre. He consults in his Moonee Ponds Consulting Rooms, Victorian Gut Centre, Bundoora, and at Beingwell Healthcare, Prahran.

Dr Froomes is involved in hands on patient management in both public and private practice and participates in GP education programs and medical student teaching. He has been a college examiner in the past for the Royal Australian College of Physicians.

Paul Froomes is also the author of four action adventure novels.


Contact No.: 03 9331 3122

Offered Services



  • Consultant Physician John Fawkner Hospital
  • Consultant Physician Coburg Endoscopy Centre
  • Consultant Physician Victorian Gut Centre
  • College examiner Royal Australian College of Physicians


  • Medicine Degree Monash University
  • Post doctorate masters degree in liver disease University of Melbourne

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