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Dr. Raoul C Mayer is a Specialist Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon treating the full spectrum of arterial and venous conditions. Traditional surgical techniques are combined with the latest minimally invasive technology to deliver an individually tailored approach for each patient.

Graduating MBBS (Hons) in 2001, he underwent specialist surgical training and completed the FRACS in 2010.Working extensively in both the public and private hospital systems he has broad experience in all facets of acute emergency and chronic arterial/venous conditions. Using modern endovascular ‘keyhole’ techniques as well as traditional surgical techniques where appropriate, the options for treatment are discussed with each patient based on their specific individual needs.

Particular interests include carotid artery disease, thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms , thoracic outlet decompression, renal access surgery, leg angiograms with ballooning/stenting and bypass, as well as all forms of venous conditions including varicose veins. Public appointments are at St Vincent’s and Monash and privately he works at Cabrini, St Vincent’s Private and Epworth. As a Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne he teaches medical students, surgical trainees and examines at the Diploma of Surgical Anatomy.


Contact No.: +61395097831

Offered Services

Vascular Surgery
Endovascular Surgery


  • Public appointment St Vincent’s and Monash
  • Senior Lecturer University of Melbourne


  • MBBS (Hons)

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