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Dr. Susan Morris is a female vascular surgeon with 15 years experience. She has an interest in sclerotherapy, vein surgery,arterial stenting,carotid and leg arterial bypass surgery and angiography. Her particular interests are Carotid and Peripheral arterial surgery/Varicose veins injections and surgery.

After 17 years of medical training, Susan became Australia’s first female vascular surgeon. Further training with eminent vascular surgeons in Europe and the U.S.A. led her to specialise in vein treatments and surgery. Her continuing education includes keeping up to date with the latest technologies, resulting in her patients always receiving the best treatments available.

Susan has rooms in Kew, Hampton, Knox and Mitcham. Surgery is performed at Linacre Private Hospital, The Avenue Hospital (Windsor), Mitcham Private Hospital and Knox Private Hospital.
Contact No.:  +61398172608

Offered Services

Vascular Surgery


  • Consultant Epworth hospital


  • MBBS University of Melbourne


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