Counselling and Culture

Counselling and Culture

At Life Resolutions Essendon, part of our commitment to quality mental healthcare is ensuring that all clients are seen, understood, and supported. We had the opportunity to sit down with Ilia Ghanizadeh, one of our Life Resolutions Provisional Psychologists, and learn more about why culturally informed counselling is so crucial to her practice – and how she can support you!

What Is Culturally Informed Counselling?

As Ilia explains, the principles of culturally informed counselling are straightforward. Simply put, it is about acknowledging and recognising every client’s unique background and experiences as vital to their journey forward. For Ilia, there is no part of a person’s past that can be ignored or overlooked – it is true where we are coming from is an important part of where we are going. Equipped with that information, the path ahead becomes much clearer.

That is a key aspect of Ilia’s practice – providing a space where all clients are supported and empowered on their journey towards wellness – however that looks for you. For Ilia, feeling heard and understood is one of the most important things the support of a psychologist can provide.

Talking to Someone Who Understands

Ilia is bilingual, speaking both English and Farsi. She is also well-versed on some of the unique challenges migrants in Australia experience when seeking support for mental health, including differing cultural values and family pressures. Although she is thrilled that counselling and psychology have become more widely accepted, she knows there is still some ways to go in ensuring all individuals are comfortable reaching out and asking for help.

Ilia is committed to bridging this gap with her calm, understanding practice that draws on her many years of experience supporting people from all walks of life. Through Life Resolutions Essendon, Ilia is proud to be able to provide both face-to-face and telehealth counselling – now, you can talk to a psychologist on the phone from wherever you are!

Ilia has seen first-hand the immense power of compassionate mental healthcare. Through Life Resolutions, Ilia hopes that she can empower and support even more individuals with her trademark dedication to healing and recovery through counselling.

Essendon Counselling – Chat To The Life Resolutions Team
With her commitment to providing inclusive and understanding mental healthcare, Ilia is here to support you through whatever you are experiencing.

Ilia tailors her practice to each individual, committed to ensuring she has all the information she needs to best support you. If you would like to make time to chat with Ilia or any of our Life Resolutions Essendon psychologists, please contact our friendly team today to book an appointment.

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