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About “Shreya Kulkarni”

Future Teleradiology,
We are an enthusiastic and experienced team of 500 radiologists. Our enriched online telereporting platform supports more than 2000 domestic and overseas clients.More than 50 lakh x-ray, CT, MRI, CBCT, OPG, Mammography and PETCTs have been reported by us with excellent turnaround time. We take pride in our best in class service and turn around timings.

Teleradiology as every other branch of telemedicine, owes its birth to imbalance of demand and supply. Teleradiology is the transmission of images such as x-rays, CTs, and MRIs, from one location to another for the purposes of sharing studies with other radiologists and physicians.

This is particularly important when a sub-specialist such as a

MRI radiologist
pediatric radiologist
musculoskeletal radiologist
is needed, since these professionals are generally only located in large metropolitan areas working during daytime hours. Teleradiology allows for trained specialists to be available 24/7.

Teleradiology Field is changing fast in recent years. Future Teleradiology is the leading company for providing the teleradiology reporting service.

The technology has led to reduced workload on radiologists, faster turn-around time for patients, and cost savings for hospitals who find that Teleradiology presents an attractive alternative to having radiologists available 24×7 hours a day.

The modern practice of radiology involves several different healthcare professions working as a team.

Teleradiology utilizes standard network technologies such as the

Telephone lines
Wide area network
Local area network (LAN)
Computer clouds
Radiology is the medical discipline that uses medical imaging to diagnose and treat diseases within the bodies of both humans and animals. A variety of imaging techniques such as

X-ray radiography
Computed Tomography (CT)
Nuclear medicine including positron emission tomography (PET)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
are used to diagnose or treat diseases. Interventional radiology is the performance of usually minimally invasive medical procedures with the guidance of imaging technologies such as those mentioned above.