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Dr Anne Clark Dr Anne Clark

Dr Anne Clark

  • Medical Director at Fertility First

Dr Anne Clark is one of Australia’s leading fertility specialists.

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About “Dr Anne Clark”

Fertility First was established in 1997 to offer personalised fertility health care and treatment. We provide professional advice, assessment and treatment, coupled with leading-edge assisted reproductive technologies.

A leading Sydney IVF clinic, Fertility First is located in Hurstville just 16 kilometres south of the CBD, and just a short walk from Hurstville train station, across the road from Hurstville Private Hospital.

Why is Fertility First different?

Fertility First is the only Australian fertility clinic that routinely scans for sperm DNA damage in male patients, and explores all treatment options for patients and tries to minimise costs where possible without compromising the chance of conception or quality of care. The results are clear. It’s why our Sydney fertility clinic is backed by science, commitment, and care.

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Obstetrician and Gynecologist