Injury Claim? Find Out Where to Get the Right Compensation Advice

Injury Claim? Find Out Where to Get the Right Compensation Advice

Getting hurt when involved in an accident can be a very traumatic experience. Especially if you are unsure of how the injury claims process works. 

What type of injuries you can claim for, and where the compensation comes from are all starting points when needing to find more information to assist you should you find yourself to be in that situation or someone that you know. 

You can get injury compensation advice from Murphy’s Law to further assist you if you are hurt and need to get compensated for your injuries.

What Does Compensated Mean? 

Compensation is when you are paid for any financial losses that you might have as a result from sustaining injuries. You can get compensation in weekly payments or you can receive a large lump sum. The large amount of money can be used to cover all your extra expenses incurred from the injuries. 

To be eligible for a compensation claim, these are some of the claims that you can make: 

  • If you had to pay your medical and care expenses after getting injured then these can be given back to you in compensation. 
  • If you have lost your job, or had unpaid time off work due to recovery after the injury then your salary or wages will be given back to you in compensation. 
  • You may also be eligible for a lump sum payout. This is usually done for further future expenses that you may have to cover depending on the severity of your injuries. 

The amount of money you receive as compensation is determined by the following factors. Your age, the extent of your injuries and how you were injured are all contributing factors. 

It is important to remember that large lumps are usually only paid out in more serious injuries, and for people who experience suffering and chronic pain after recovery. 

An example of getting compensation is for a brain injury claims compensation. A head injury can be a serious injury that can change your life completely. Brain injuries can be divided into two different types. An acquired brain injury (ABI) and a traumatic brain injury (TBI).  

How Do You Know If You are Eligible for a Compensation Payout? 

Here are the categories in which you are able to claim compensation from when injured. 

Work Injury

This means you are eligible for claiming compensation if you were injured at work whether or not you were responsible for the injury. 

Motor Vehicle Accident 

Even if you were the driver and at fault, in Australia you are still eligible for a compensation payout. 

Passengers, and pedestrians are also eligible for compensation if they have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. 

Medical Negligence 

You are eligible for compensation if you have been injured or got sick after receiving medical treatment. 

Public Injury

If you get hurt while in a public place like a supermarket, you are eligible to claim for compensation as this is known as a public liability and the store will be required to compensate you for your injuries. 

TPD Compensation Payout

Although not a compensation payout as the others mentioned above, this payout is given in a lump sum and is paid to people who cannot return to work after their injuries.

How to Claim Compensation in Australia

You can fill out a compensation application form and contact your lawyers to get your claim handled when you are injured so that you have legal representation for your case. 

What You Need to Know About Compensation Claims?

Here are five key points that you need to be aware of when filing a compensation claim in Australia. 

There is a time limit on filing claims 

Although claims have a standard time period of three years to file from the date of the injury happening, in Australia some injuries have a lesser time period for you to submit a claim. Some local laws can also affect the time period of being able to file claims. 

How your compensation is calculated

The amount of money you get compensated for is based on:

  • the nature of your injuries, 
  • your age, 
  • how the injury has affected your work and livelihood. 

The compensation not only covers your medical expenses. It can also cover loss of income, emotional distress caused by the injury such as pain and suffering and loss of work entirely due to the severity of the injury. 

No tax on compensation claims 

Personal injury claims in Australia are exempted from tax. 

Different methods to filing claims 

Depending on the nature of the injury. You might have to use a different process to follow when it comes to making your claims. 

In some cases, a lawyer can negotiate your compensation with the insurers, or the other party that is responsible for the injury or you can go the other route and file a claim in court if you are not being responded to after making the necessary contact with the party responsible. 

Resolving time might differ

The time between having your claim filed and getting it resolved can vary greatly. This all depends on how quick the process takes to get all the necessary parties involved to resolve the case. 


Knowing where to get the right advice for compensation for your injury claim is important to ensure that you are properly compensated for when you are hurt. 

Reaching out to compensation lawyers and putting in a claim after sustaining an injury is the first step in making sure that you get the process started and your injuries documented before you have less time to file a claim. 

Be sure to gather all the necessary evidence of your injuries and proof of expenses to show how much you should be compensated for.