Keeping Busy During the School Holidays

Keeping Busy During the School Holidays

Holidays are great to spend time and bond with your kids, form that lasting relationship and, you can bring your inner child alive too. However, it can lead to frustrations when kids decide to be mischievous. You may want them involved in activities that build them and make them better humans instead of staying the whole day playing video games or watching tv.

Some of the hobbies you might be considering for your kids might be expensive. Luckily, there are some activities that your little ones can engage in, and they are affordable.

Here are nine activities that will make an impact on the kids

Music Classes

Music class is a fun and interactive activity for your child. Music in babies and toddlers helps them to learn sounds and a few words. While dancing to music teaches them how to express themselves and move. For older kids and teenagers, music will help to strengthen their memory.

Children enjoy singing songs and performing. It brings them joy. Learning an instrument is an art that is a plus for your child.

2. Box Training

Boxing is a superb sport that will help your child learn how to defend themselves when need be. It will teach them self-discipline and self-control. Regular interactions with other kids and trainers will help build their social skills.

Boxing is an excellent sport that will keep the kids fit. It will help distract them from lazing around.

3. Gymnastics

Most, if not all kids, love gymnastics. You will see them try to dress up in their tiny, pretty costumes and jump around. Allow them to train in gymnastics by enrolling them in classes.

It is a sport that requires self-discipline, and they will learn several other life skills like social skills, balance, and coordination. It will help them keep fit and be active.

4. Martial arts

Martial arts will assist your child release the excess energy they use to run around. Additionally, they will also learn a few life skills that will help them in the long run. Martial arts will help them learn to defend themselves, and they will understand the importance of working hard and being disciplined when they receive their high-ranking belts.

5. Make some jewellery

Making jewellery is a simple activity that can be done in the house. Go to the jewellery store and get beads of different designs, sizes, and colours. A child of any age can do this activity. However, toddlers need to be monitored to avoid them eating the beads.

Once through with making the necklaces, they will be very proud to show off what they have made.

6. Camping and Road Trips

You can book a camping trip for your children to go for a few days with their friends or schoolmates. Camping and short trips are fun ways for them to bond, interact and form friendships.

You can do a background check and make sure the places they are visiting are safe and child-friendly. Build tents outdoors, keep them cozy, and have a picnic. They will learn a few life lessons with these few tricks.

7. Hiking

Hiking is a fun activity that will help your kids keep fit. Hiking will allow them to appreciate nature and, you can teach them life-long lessons as you walk in the trails. Give them a few targets, an example, to reach a certain peak, and they will get a treat. Setting targets will encourage them to keep going, and it will help build their confidence after achieving their goals.

8. Cooking and Baking

You can keep your kids active by scheduling cooking lessons. Either with a professional chef or you can teach them yourself. Involve them in the preparation from the beginning. Let them choose the recipes and buy the groceries and ingredients in the store physically.

Step by step guides them on how to prepare the recipe and avoid doing it yourself. This gives them the impression that you trust what they are doing and they might also help you cook in the future.

9. Kitchen Garden

Create a small kitchen garden in your backyard. Guide your kids to plant vegetables like lettuce, kale, tomatoes, or herbs that grow fast. The satisfaction of seeing the crops produced is exciting to them. They learn about different crops in the process too.


Keeping your child active and busy does not need to be expensive. You just need to think outside the box and work with what you have. Activities like small gardening, helping you cook, helping with house chores, or nature walks opens up your child’s mind.