Revive Your Smile: Zygomatic Implant Treatment

Revive Your Smile: Zygomatic Implant Treatment

For those who have not sufficient bone in their upper jaws can revive their smiles. But how? Dentatur has introduced a new technology which is named zygomatic implantation. In zygomatic treatment, an anchor is introduced between the zygoma bone and the cheekbone. It is related to dental rehabilitation with maxillary atrophy. This treatment is recommended in case of permanent loss of teeth or upper jaw. 

Zygomatic Dental Implantation:

Zygomatic implantation is a new technology. As compared to traditional technology, zygomatic implantation provides excellent support. This technology is in practice at Dentatur.  Keep in mind, zygomatic treatment is suitable for severe one loss. Such losses are not able to be treated with a grafting method that’s why zygomatic implantation is suitable. So, replace your upper teeth. 

For comprehensive details regarding dental implants in Turkey, kindly refer to the information provided here.

Zygomatic Implantation Procedure:

  • Preparation:

The first step is preparation. Some common assessments are made before this zygomatic implantation. The purpose of these assessments is to make sure that the patient is absolutely fine. Moreover, whether he is medically fit for this surgery or not.

  • Surgical Placement:

The second step is surgical placement. In which the dentist uses sterilised instruments and puts a cut on gums. In zygomatic implantation, there is no painful placement. Rather a small cut is made to the surrounding jawbone.

  • Placing Implants:

The zygomatic implants are placed into the bone when the correct location has been established. Longer than standard implants, these ones may go around places where bone has already been lost, giving the replacement teeth a solid base.

  • Recovery and Harmony:

The recovery step is for almost one month or two. There is formation of a link between the implant and the upper jaw. That’s why it will take time for complete recovery. But still this duration is less than the grafting treatments.

  • Affixing a Prosthesis:

The abutments are connected to the implants by the dentist when they have completely integrated. The dentures or artificial teeth attach to these abutments.

Zygomatic Implantation Benefits:

Keeps Bone Grafting Out of the Picture:

Zygomatic implantation is something new and a successful treatment. The bones which have completely lost their density. For these kinds of bones, zygomatic implantation is recommended. 

Speedy Implantation:

Zygomatic implants may sometimes have temporary prosthetic teeth put to them right after surgery. Immediate restoration of aesthetics and functionality means patients may leave the dentist clinic with fully functioning teeth the same day of the surgery.

Shorter Duration of Treatment:

In zygomatic implantation, the dentist introduces an implant and that’s it. There is no need to wait like grafting treatments. 

Efficient Outcome:

Those bones which are not able to be treated further with traditional methods are treated with zygomatic implantation. This implantation proves a magic for those people who lost their density.

Maintains Face Features:

There are myths that such implantation can affect the facial features. But it is 100% wrong. Because these implants are done naturally to maintain face features. This implantation gives an Aesthetic look for face features.

Enhancements in Speech and Chewing:

With zygomatic implantation, one can revive a smile. Which enhances the speaking and Chewing abilities both. This implantation boosts confidence among people.

What kind of Material is used for Zygomatic implantation?

A high-quality metal material is used for such dental implantation. Due to its high quality, this material is long lasting. This prosthetic solution mostly prefers titanium metal. Keep in mind, the selection of material is based on the condition of the gums. Dentist prefer such materials which have least corrosive activity. 

Is Zygomatic Implant Painful?

Not at all. This implantation is completely painless. When a cut is made in gums there will be a small pain of pricking. Otherwise the dentist uses anaesthetic injection to make this surgery painless. So, you can say there will be minimal pain for this implantation.

Zygomatic Implants have a high rate Survival!

At Dentatur, there will be safe implantation. Many people come with this query whether it is safe surgery or if there are any chances of completion. So, as far as its success rate, it has 90% – 95% results. Which means it is a good option for bones with low density. 

There is also a question asked that is there any side effects of zygomatic Surgery. There are very rare side effects. But people with any medical disease related to gums can discuss it with a doctor before treatment. It can save the patients from complications. 


People of Turkey! Let’s revive your smiles again with zygomatic implantation. Give an enhanced face features to your face. The most important thing is to get a strong bone implant. This not only enhances facial features but also helps in chewing. Because these implants are strong enough with high density which can achieve high Chewing abilities. This zygomatic implantation is the best prosthetic treatment no doubt!