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Signs You Need To Visit The Orthodontic Center

Signs You Need To Visit The Orthodontic Center

People naturally are lovers of food because food is one of our necessities to survive. Some people like sour flavors, some love spicy food, while some are addicted to sweets. We all are different when it comes to our taste preferences, but even if we love eating different kinds of food every day, we should watch out for our teeth’ health, that’s why we have dentists to help us have healthier teeth!

Dentists are the doctors for teeth, and the same with doctors, there are many different kinds of dentists specializing in different dental problems. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the treatment of malocclusion. In short, they’re in charge of making sure your teeth are properly aligned and straight.

If you had misaligned teeth when you were younger and got treated early because your parents always brought you to an orthodontic center before, then you are lucky. But if you’ve never visited an Orthodontist yet and you are sure there’s something wrong with your teeth, here are signs you might need to see one as soon as possible:

  1. You Have Teeth Gaps

Teeth gaps can be a natural occurrence sometimes, but most of the time it is associated with a health issue which is why when you have a teeth gap, no matter how minimal it is, you need to have it checked.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to visit an Orthodontist when you have tooth gaps:

  • Your teeth are relatively smaller for your jawbone.
  • You may have gum disease, which causes spaces to grow between your teeth.
  • You may have an enlarged Frenum which is not normal. A frenum is a thin tissue connecting your upper gums and lip.
  • You’ve had an accident that affected your front teeth, resulting in developing a gap in between.
  1. You have speech issues

Your dental health could be a factor in why you have speech issues. If you and your family have noticed that you developed some speech issues growing up, it might be caused by an orthodontic issue.

In often occurrences, speech issues are harmless. Some speech issues are not severe and may even sound normal to other people’s ears, but if you want to know what could be the cause of your speech impediment, you need to see an Orthodontist.

Speech issues can also affect how you interact with people. The higher the gravity of your speech issue, the lower your confidence goes when talking with other people. So if you notice the early signs of speech issues, go get checked right away to know the root cause and get the best treatment for it.

  1. Having An Abnormal Bite

Having an over, under, or open bite is a clear indication that you need to go to a nearby orthodontic center to have it checked.

The most common abnormal bites are overbite and underbite, which can lead to major dental issues when not treated right away so, you need to have your bite corrected as soon as possible. An open bite only develops when your bottom and top teeth are not touching whenever you close your mouth.

An abnormal bite can also affect the physical appearance of the lower half of your face, so getting it treated right away can help prevent you from developing more dental issues and boost your confidence.

  1. Misaligned Teeth

The most obvious sign you need to have your teeth checked by an Orthodontist is when you have misaligned teeth or malocclusion. The number one reason most people get braces is to fix their misaligned teeth to have better and more beautiful teeth after some years.

Misaligned teeth can be caused by crowded and crooked teeth, which nothing an Orthodontist can’t fix. If you have misaligned teeth, you need to get checked immediately to know what procedures need to be done to fix your teeth. Sometimes a simple installation of braces is not enough to correct your misaligned teeth. There could be other dental issues behind misaligned teeth, and getting treated will help prevent those dental issues evolve further.

There are different causes why misaligned teeth develops, and here are some of them:

  • Your jaw size doesn’t match your teeth size.
  • You probably have a misaligned jaw.
  • Poor nutrition can lead to dental issues that may cause your teeth to shift.
  • You may have had poor myofunctional habits when you were younger, such as reverse swallowing, tongue thrusting, and the most common thumb sucking.
  • You’ve had a face injury that resulted in damaging your teeth.
  • Poor dental care may develop to cavities and gum diseases which can eventually result in crooked teeth.


Remember when people say prevention is better than cure? It’s true. Dental problems can also be signs of another health issue, especially when you grew up having several dental problems manifesting here and there. Getting regularly checked by an Orthodontist will determine if the dental problems you have do not go beyond your teeth, or there are more indications behind a simple toothache.

Aside from health-related matters, dental problems can also negatively influence someone’s confidence level. When we try to associate ourselves with other people, we use our mouths to converse with them. Our teeth are one of the things people will notice. The teeth are assets, and if you want to have perfectly-aligned and whiter teeth, visiting your Orthodontist regularly can help you achieve just that.

Orthodontists are the best in their field, and there’s no dental issue they can’t fix. They didn’t study years of dentistry for child’s play, so having an Orthodontist take care of your teeth will help you have a properly maintained set of pearly whites that will boost your confidence.

If the description of one or more signs in this article matches the current state of your dentures, then go and set an appointment with an Orthodontist now.

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