Why Everyone Should Visit A Gynecologist At Least Once A Year

There are doctors for all kinds of things, and while some are good to visit every few years, one type of doctor that you should visit at least once every year, especially if you are a woman, is a gynecologist. By visiting a gynecologist, you will help yourself maintain your feminine health, and you will be able to check for the following things too.

General gynecological health

One of the obvious reasons why visiting a gynecologist on a yearly basis is just so you can keep up with your general gynecological health. It is always good to see if you have acquired some sexually transmitted diseases, especially if you have an active sex life, but it is also good to see if there are any growths.

Pelvic exam

Getting a pelvic exam every year will help detect growths that should not be there, and it is another good way to test for sexual diseases, as they will most likely show themselves around the pelvic area first. If you notice that you have some kind of abnormal discharge or menstrual disorders, immediately consider getting a pelvic exam.

Pelvic exam

What to expect from a pelvic exam

Irregular menstrual cycle

One of the common reasons why patients visit the gynecologist in Parkes is because they happen to have an irregular menstrual cycle. Having an irregular cycle is often a sign of a much bigger problem, so if you notice that you have this condition or if there are some irregularities with your cycle, visit and consult with your gynecologist.

Birth control

Having an active sex life is something that way more people are willing to admit today than they did in the past, which makes birth control an essential thing in the society we live in. Because everyone’s body is built differently, birth control has a different effect on every woman, and visiting a gynecologist to get proper birth control is necessary.

Of course, if the birth control you have received has some sort of side effects, you should immediately consult with the gynecologist in order to find a solution. Some side effects of birth control can be sudden weight gain and headaches.

Pap smear

Modern medicine has had many discoveries, but one that is highly suggested for all women patients that visit a gynecologist is the pap smear test. This is a special test where the gynecologist will take a smear from the vagina in order to test it for any abnormalities.

The pap smear is one of the revolutionary ways to discover carcinoma in situ, which is a state before cancer officially becomes cancer. By discovering cancer in this state, it is possible to treat it more efficiently, which is why the pap smear is known as one of the most lifesaving procedures performed by a gynecologist.

Pap smear

Illustration of a pap smear

Breast Exam

It is a very common mistake to not know that a gynecologist is a doctor who is familiar with more portions than just the vagina. In fact, a gynecologist is familiar with everything related to reproduction, and breasts are naturally a part of that system.

When you visit a gynecologist, you should ask them to look at your breasts as well, as gynecologists can find early lumps, which are, once again, a sign of cancer. If these lumps are detected early, there is a higher chance that they can help you and save you from a life-threatening condition.

Painful intercourse

Another good reason to visit a gynecologist is if you are experiencing pain during intercourse. There can be all kinds of reasons why one can experience pain during intercourse, and while it is usually due to some kind of STD or growth, it can also be something else. Even if the pain is psychological, consulting with a gynecologist will help.

Urinary issues

While there are urologists who are special with the urinary tract, a gynecologist is also familiar with it. Taking care of the urinary system is one of the most important aspects of maternal health, which is why a gynecologist will monitor it during your entire pregnancy.

Maternal healthcare

Of course, if you are planning to get pregnant, or if you are already pregnant, regular visits to the gynecologist are highly advised. They will be able to help you by providing you with the necessary information, especially if you can visit the gynecologist in Orange if you are in the area.

Final word

Gynecologists are doctors who have quite a lot on their hands, and they will always do anything that their patients ask of them. While they do work around topics that are something that a lot of people would find uncomfortable, you should never avoid asking them questions, especially if it is about your own health.