Why Invisalign is not enough

Why Invisalign is not enough

Invisalign is great for aligning teeth with their constant update in teeth movement algorithm and aligner material. However, to have a stable result we need to breathe through the nose, lips together at rest and tongue rest on the palate.

At My Dental Care, our Sydney Invisalign Clinic has combined the use of a great Australian product called Myo Munchee to assist our patients to achieve appropriate positioning of the tongue, lip closure, and increased jaw strength and function.

The Munchee can be used as an Oral Exercise tool to help improve gum health and function, muscle tone and to generally assist in with increased chewing. Chewing assists regulate bone growth, stimulates saliva production and is essential function for optimal ageing.

Chewing enhances the strength of jaw and mouth muscles to assist in optimal oral health and function. Just like any part of the body, the jaw and facial muscles need the right kind of exercise/movement to stay healthy.

That’s where the Munchee comes in…

With just 10 minutes of daily chewing exercise, children and adults can improve the tone and function of muscles of the lips, face, and jaws. The Munchee also encourages lip closure, correct swallow pattern and promotes nasal breathing.

In the last hundred years, the western industrialised lifestyle—with its soft foods, reduced nutritional diversity, and rapidly decreasing range of exercise— has essentially removed natural cues for healthy oral development.

The modern individual will benefit from more chewing and eating less processed foods, for more than the obvious health/weight/holistic reasons.

In Summary,

Invisalign is a transformative product that has revolutionised dental care. With Sydney Invisalign costs  in the medium range for families and individuals to consider especially in this climate, its important to get the full picture. At My Dental Care we are determined for our patients to have beautiful smiles but also have healthy mouth, gums, teeth and airways.