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Why Your Kids Should Learn Kung Fu?

Why Your Kids Should Learn Kung Fu?

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Kung fu is often the blanket statement used to refer to all Chinese martial arts and has been very present in pop culture, with many movies and TV shows based on it. Kung Fu, also known as Wunshu and Quanfa originated in China, thousands of years ago. Some say it began in the Xia Dynasty over 4,000 years in the past, and others state that it started in the Shaolin Temple, where it was practised by Monks wanting to improve their health and learn self-defence. Historians, on the other hand, suggest that Kung fu originated from hunters defending themselves in the forests of China long before the Shaolin Temple was built.

Kung Fu is a beautiful art which teaches respect, patience, humility, and morality and requires practice, energy and time to learn. It is not just one art but rather a general form which includes hundreds of disciplines and skills. The five most popular types of Kung Fu are Wing Chun, Shaolin Temple Style, Wushu, Sanda (also known as Sanda or Sanshou) and Animal Forms.

Benefits of Kung Fu for kids

Learning Kung Fu, whether you are an adult, teen or child, provides numerous physical, mental and social advantages. Let’s explore the key benefits of Kung Fu for kids:

Self-Confidence: With all the pressure from social media and influencers to look, act and live a certain way, it’s easy for our kids to become insecure about themselves. However, through learning Kung Fu and other martial arts, they will become more confident in themselves as they gain more personal security, become stronger, more agile, and are able to control their thoughts and actions better.

Keeping physically fit: Kung Fu is a physical martial art which builds stamina, boosts energy, and improves cardiovascular endurance and strength. So it goes without saying that children practising Kung Fu will become physically fit and healthier.

Better coordination: The movements taught in kung fu require excellent coordination. Throughout your child’s training, they will naturally become more coordinated from learning the different movements, which can help them in other sports they want to participate in.

Social skills: Most martial art studios will group children of similar ages together, so your kids can easily make friends in a safe environment with like-minded peers.

Commitment and discipline: You cannot improve in kung fu if you don’t put in the hard work. Kids will quickly learn that they will need to practice and show up every week to rank in the art. Their hard work, dedication and commitment will be rewarded with a higher ranking belt.

Respect: One of the core principles taught in kung fu is respect. Your children will learn to respect their instructors and teachers, other children and even themselves.

Choosing the right place to send your kids

When starting your kids with kung fu training, selecting a good facility is important. Choose a place not too far from home that runs classes for children and has teachers experienced with teaching younger people.

To sum up

Kung fu is an excellent martial art for people of all ages to learn, and starting your children young will benefit them in many areas of life. So if you want your child to gain self-confidence, learn discipline, improve their physical fitness and build social skills, then find your nearest martial art studio and enrol them today!

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